Weekly Photo Challenge : Geometry

     This week, the theme of the weekly photo challenge is Geometry (click on the link to see the other entries). I got my inspiration from a recent visit to the sacred valley, near Cusco in Peru and the geometric shapes of the inca’s agricultural terraces. The first photo was taken in Pisac.

     Cette semaine, le thème du challenge photo est Geometry (clicker sur le lien pour voir les autres participations). J’ai trouvé mon inspiration lors d’une visite aux sites archéologiques de la vallée sacrée, près de Cusco au Pérou, notamment dans les formes géométriques des terrasses agricoles incas.  La première photo a été prise à Pisac.

more traditional inca’s terraces/ terraces inca traditionelles (andenes)-Pisac

All the others are from the archeological site of Moray (3500m), that could have been an area for crop’s experimentation in altitude in the inca time. Toutes les autres photos proviennent du site archéologique de Moray (3500m) qui était peut-être un site d’expérimentation inca pour les cultures en altitude.


intricate lines – Moray


circle and zigzag – Moray

concentric circles – terrasses concentriques – Moray

     The 2 following pictures are a view of the circles from the top. Each terrace is believed to have a different micro-environment allowing to grow different crops. To go down from one terrace to the other there are “flying stairs” (big stones sticking out of the wall, sometimes tricky to navigate).

     Les 2 dernières photos représententent une vue d’ensemble d’une des séries de terrasses. Chaque terrasse aurait un micro-climat différent permettant de planter différentes cultures. On descend d’une terrasse à l’autre par un système d’escalier volant, courant chez les incas (de grosses pierres sortant du mur et formant un escalier, parfois difficile à emprunter).


Moray view from above


~ by schlomorig on November 5, 2012.

11 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Geometry”

  1. Wonderful shots. And love your header shot!

  2. Your shots look like directly taken from “Signs” (the movie)
    It’s really good 🙂

    I particularly like “circle and zigzag” and “Moray”… the composition is perfect and the B&W treatment is really well done!

    Félicitation 🙂

    I let you the link of my entry if you wanna have a look :

    • Thanks for the comment. I like your stratosphere shot and your foreign photo challenge. It almost seems the bears are doing “une Hola” at the foot of the Eiffel tower.

  3. Votre photos sont excelents! Je veux visiter Peru le prochaine anne, merci pour l’information. Amicalement

  4. So fascinating and raises so many questions. And I like getting a chance to practice my French 😉 – read it first to see how much I understand from it. So far, I’m doing OK.

  5. Amazing sculpting – it reminds me so much of the magnificent rice terraces I saw in Bali. Sculptures on a large scale and still of highly practical use hundreds of years after they were created.

    • yes, these one were used probably for growing corn and other crop in the Andes, but I agree they can look like rice terraces. Some of them are still in use today … quite amazing, you’re right

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