Weekly Photo Challenge : 11 shades of green

This week photo challenge is “green“, so many photos to choose from … here is my selection, from urban green to nature green ! Enjoy 😉 My favorite green shade is the green color of the wheat.

Vert est le thème de cette semaine du Weekly Photo Challenge. Beaucoup de photos parmi lesquelles choisir, du vert urbain au vert que nous offre la nature ! Ma nuance de vert préféré est celle des champs de blés.

Urban green – Vert Urbain

” Quito going green ” – “Quito se met au vert” -Ecuador

green trash in llacanora, near cajamarca, Peru – Poubelle verte, llacanora près de cajamarca, Pérou.

Market’s green – Vert au marché

green in the market, Cusco, Peru – Vert au marché, Cusco, Pérou.

Religious green – Vert religieux

When the white Christ is green ! Quand le Christ blanc est vert ! El Cristo blanco es verde. Cusco, Peru

detail of the green door of Cusco church, Peru- Détail de la porte d’une église de Cusco, Pérou

“Nature green” – Vert Nature

Green in Qoricancha, Cusco, Peru – Vert à Qoricancha, Cusco, Pérou

green leaves in the cloud forest, Ecuador – Feuilles vertes de la forêt de nuages, Equateur

green wheats near Huaraz, Peru- Champs de blé vert près de Huaraz, Pérou

Butterfly green – Vert papillon

green pupa butterfly farm, Ecuador – pupe verte, ferme aux papillons, Equateur

Green butterfly / papillon vert – Ecuador, Equateur

Spider green – Vert araignée

green spider, jungle Ecuador – Araignée verte, jungle équatorienne.

So what’s your favorite shade of green ? Quelle est votre teinte de vert préférée ?



~ by schlomorig on November 22, 2012.

3 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : 11 shades of green”

  1. I love door but green butterfly is really amazing!

  2. BTW, the green butterfly is a Malachite! And the green cocoon, I believe, will produce a gorgeous blue Morpho butterfly. I wrote a poem “Green” on my blog.

    • Thanks for the info on the butterfly, I took the pictures in the cloud forest near Quito, in Ecuador, but I was clueless for its name. Very nice green poem, I like also the river bridge photos. Thanks for stopping by

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